About Vested Solutions

Establishing business relations that last a lifetime.

Vested Solutions was founded by God, and established and operating since 2015. We consist of a professional well equipped staff providing over 10 years of business experience to non-profits, governmental agencies and entrepreneurs in the following areas: HR, Benefits Administration, Accounting, credit repair, credit building, business funding, personal budgeting, and tax preparation.

At Vested Solutions we put God first in everything we do. We are a disadvantaged minority, and woman owned business who has been endowed with the skill, and provided the opportunity to provide quality services for small businesses looking to grow and entrepreneurs trying to take that leap into ownership.

Vested Solutions truly believe in progressing, accelerating and amplifying creativity, and customizing business strategies that meet your specific needs by providing a solution that will grow, expand, and organize your business structure allowing you to focus on capital gain. We truly understand the road map to success begins with the proper planning, and we offer a dedicated team structured on helping companies achieve their individual goals.

Ultimately we we believe in giving back to others and helping people grow, by getting on the path to success. This passion helped us at Vested Solutions to form a non profit organization that is spear headed by God. Vested Solutions non-profit gives back through business, individual services, fundraising events, and donations.

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